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Review your MRI with the respected physicians at Laser Spine Institute in Cincinnati for a clear diagnosis

At Laser Spine Institute our main goal is to help as many people as possible find relief from chronic neck and back pain. We understand that living with the most common spinal conditions can be debilitating, which is why our expert and skilled medical staff are dedicated to helping as many patients as possible through our minimally invasive procedures. Through our streamlined patient experience, we are committed to walking each patient through our process in the most effective and efficient way possible.

When determining a potential patient’s candidacy, our skilled medical staff reviews the most recent version of their MRI report or CT scan. This allows us to ensure that patients have the conditions that we will be able to effectively treat. In order to assist as many patients as possible, we offer this complimentary review in three formats:

Phone Review

Because nearly 60 percent of our patients choose to travel to see us, we are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that their journey with us is as efficient and seamless as possible. The most common first step of our streamlined patient experience is a phone call. After first calling our center, you will be connected with an educated and knowledgeable Patient Empowerment Consultant. This person will be your main point of contact through the initial stages of your experience. Your Patient Empowerment Consultant will assist in gathering your most recent MRI report or CT scan and delivering it to our skilled medical professionals for further review. This allows us to create a seamless experience for you while best determining potential candidacy.

Initial Consultation

For patients living within a drivable distance from one of our centers, we recommend a live initial consultation with one of our skilled doctors. During this consultation, our physicians will be able to review your MRI report and discuss potential minimally invasive treatment options.


Because determining to undergo surgery is a major decision, we offer complimentary seminars at locations across the United States to help patients learn more about our successful and effective minimally invasive procedures. During these seminars potential patients have the opportunity to sit with one of our expert medical professionals to review their MRI report or CT scan, while learning more about our procedures and streamlined patient experience.

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