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Many adults suffer from aches and pains in the neck or back. While this can sometimes be attributed to a pulled muscle or temporarily pinched nerve, it is often due to the natural deterioration of the spine. As we age, the components of the spine begin to wear down. Years of activities that require repetitive motions can cause the joints in the spine to grind away their protective layer of cartilage. Excessive weight gain and inactivity can place unwanted pressure on the spine, leading to disc damage and vertebral compression. This damage can lead to degenerative (slow deterioration due to age) spine conditions, such as:

These common spine conditions are often indicated by the development of symptoms like pain, numbness and weakness in the spine and/or extremities, as well as limited flexibility and discomfort that occurs when walking. If you have one of these conditions, we encourage you to research the causes and treatments available to help you find relief.

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