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Facet thermal ablation performed by experienced surgeons at Laser Spine Institute in Cincinnati

As we age, the elements that make up our spine begin to degenerate. As this occurs, the joints and nerves within the spinal column can begin to cause patient’s immense pain and symptoms. Generally diagnosed as spinal arthritis, these types of conditions are inevitable and typically not associated with any cure.

At Laser Spine Institute we understand that living with chronic or severe pain associated with this type of degeneration can be debilitating, which is why we are committed to helping patients find relief through our minimally invasive facet thermal ablation.

Performed through a small incision, generally less than 1-inch in length, the surgeon is able to deaden the nerves surrounding the degeneration, relieving the patient from the chronic or severe pain. During the procedure, the surgeon is also able to clean out any debris that may be causing impingement.

Conditions treated by facet thermal ablation

Most commonly, the two conditions specifically treated by the facet thermal ablation are severe arthritis of the spine and facet disease. These conditions are often accompanied by chronic pain, causing patients to experience a reduced quality of life. Though there is no known cure for these types of conditions, at Laser Spine Institute we understand that living with pain is devastating, which is why we are committed to helping patients with arthritis and facet disease find relief.

If you are suffering from spinal arthritis or facet disease, do not wait to find the relief that you deserve. Contact
Laser Spine Institute today for more information regarding our facet thermal ablation performed in our Cincinnati center.